Achievements are tiered based accolades which you can achieve by completing mini-tasks in-game. There is three tiers of achievements all having a different variety of points as a reward. The achievement interface can be accessed by going onto the quest tab and clicking on the green icon on the top right corner of the interface. You can spend your points from completing these achievements in the Achievement Store accessed by Sigbert the Adventurer. Upon completion of all achievements you can purchase the Quest Cape!

Tier 1 Achievements Edit

Tier one achievements are typically the easiest achievements to do. These award 1 points per achievement.

Achievement title How to complete Points awarded
Learn the ropes Complete the beginner tutorial 1
Respect the authorata Type ::terms 1
Small time voter Vote for Divine-Reality once 1
Pesky protection Play for over an hour 1
Pest control Win a game of Pest Control 1
Halp centa Request help via ::ticket 1
Improving efficiency Note and un-note an item at the bank 1
PvM novice Complete your first Slayer task 1
Team player Complete a social-slayer task 1
Start of something new Add a friend to your friends list 1
Become involved Type ::website 1
What are the chances? Get your first PvP drop 1
New fond skill Lay down 100 traps in Hunter 1
Store policy Type ::donate 1
Crab slayer Kill 100 Rock Crabs 1
Demon slayer Kill 100 Abyssal Demons 1
Dragon meal Kill 75 Black Dragons 1
Creepy nechs Kill 75 Nechrayels 1
Fisherman Fish 100 Sharks 1
Brewer Create 100 Zamorak Brews 1
Tracker Open up the tracker using the Ring of Wealth 1
Barrows chest count Open 5 Barrow Chests 1
One eyed freak Obtain 1 defender from a Cyclops 1
Exploring the map Complete 1 Clue Scroll 1
The clouded view Complete 5 medium Clue Scrolls 1
The misty weather Complete 5 hard Clue Scrolls 1
The rocky road Complete 5 elite Clue Scrolls 1
Acknowledgement Use the search function ::sn/::si. 1
Potion Mixer Use the decanter at ::shops 1
Price Checker Use the trade log system ::market 1
Novice Pickpocket Pickpocket the Master Farmer 1
First Skull Skull up via the Emblem Trader 1
Squater Do ::reportabug and use our issue tracker 1
First Time Banker Speak to the banker about a pin 1
Instance Novice Instance your first boss room 1
Knowledge is power Speak to Turael 1
Skiller Pro Speak to the Skiller 1
Wildy Master Speak to Ed about a Wilderness Task 1
Prestige Master Speak to Siegfiend about prestiging 1

Tier 2 Achievements Edit

Tier two achievements are the intermediate level of achievements. These can reward 1-5 points per achievement completed.

Achievement title How to complete Points awarded
Medium time voter Vote 25 times for Divine-Reality 1
Crab destroyer Kill 500 Rock Crabs 3
Demon destroyer Kill 500 Abyssal Demons 3
Dragon dinner Kill 325 Black Dragons 3
A nechrayel Kill 325 Nechrayels 3
Hardening the armour Open 50 Barrows Chests 2
Ran halfway Complete 25 Clue Scrolls 2
Dragon slayer Kill the King Black Dragon 25 times. 2
Smoking kills Kill 375 level 160 Smoke Devils. 2
Minion slayer Kill 125 Cave Krakens. 2
Master pickpocketer Pickpocket the Master Farmer 300 times. 5

Tier 3 Achievements Edit

Tier three achievements are the hardest tier of achievements. These reward 5 points per achievement.

Achievement title How to complete Points awarded
Crab assassin Kill 1000 Rock Crabs 5
Demon assassin Kill 1000 Abyssal Demons 5
Death bow Kill 350 Dark Beasts 5
PvP oh Kill Venenatis 5 times 5
An odd fellow Kill Vet'ion 5 times 5
Scorpion king Kill Scorpia 5 times 5
Bear gryll Kill Callisto 5 times 5
Maximum strength Open 250 Barrow Chests 5
Jungle runner Kill 50 Jungle Demons 5
Aberrant hatred Kill 500 Aberrant Spectres 5
Candy sticks Kill 1000 Smoke Devils 5
Green slime Kill 1000 Aberrant Spectres 5
Children killer Kill 425 Cave Krakens 5
Runner up Obtain 5 defenders from Cyclopses 5
The marathon Complete 50 Clue Scrolls 5
Captcha warrior Claim a total of 100 auth codes 5