Also known as Cook

Cooking is a skill that allows a player to cook raw food into food that you can eat. Cooking goes hand in hand with the fishing skill as the player can cook the fish they obtain shortly after a full inventory is made. If no stove/range is nearby, having an axe and tinderbox equipped can allow the player to cut down a tree and make a fire to cook the fish on (however, there is a significantly smaller chance of burning the food if it is used on a range). By levelling up cooking the player is able to cook the more profitable foods such as lobsters, swordfish, monkfish and shark. By eating cooked food you gain lost hitpoints which is useful for training your combat skills. Lobsters are popular among players that wish to train their combat as they heal a great deal of hitpoints and are considerably less expensive than sharks.

Burning foodEdit

As players train cooking, they will sometimes fail to cook something at random. It is normal when you first begin training this skill to burn nearly anything you put before a fire or range, but as you gain more levels the burn ratio of food decreases until you reach the level where you can no longer burn them.

Types of foodEdit


Picture Name Level Location Sir Legend/ Iron-man Level to stop burning With cooking gauntels
Raw shrimps Shrimp 1 Skilling Area 2,100xp 300xp 35 35
Raw anchovies Anchovies 1 2,100xp 300xp 34 34
Raw mackerel Mackerel 10 6,440xp 920xp 45 45
Raw trout Trout 15 3,780xp 540xp 49 49
Raw tuna Tuna 30 5,740xp 770xp 66 63
Raw lobster Lobster 40 Skilling Area 5,600xp 1,120xp 74 64
Raw swordfish Swordfish 45 Skilling Area 6,160xp 1,365xp 86 81
Raw karambwan
Karambwan 65 Donator Zone 23,548xp 2,450xp 99 99
Raw shark Shark 80 Skilling Area 15,750xp 1,680xp Never 99
Dark Crab 85 Wilderness Resource Zone Never 99
Raw manta ray Manta ray 91 Donator Zone 21,350xp 3,050xp Never 99