Also known as Craft

Crafting is a skill that allows a player to create things ranging from leather armor to fine jewelry. It is a very advanced skill as it breaks into many different details and sections and types of things you can make.

Gems Edit

There are two types of gems: Uncut and Cut gems. Uncut gems are what monsters usually drop and what are very valuable to crafters. Cut gems are, as in the name, gems that have been cut by a chisel. Cut gems are what is used for jewelry crafting and can be cut again to make bolt tips.

Name Level
Cut Sapphire Cut Sapphire 1 850 5,950
Cut Emerald Cut Emerald 27 1,139 7,973
Cut Ruby Cut Ruby 34 1,445 10,115
Cut Diamond Cut Diamond 43 1,819 12,773
Cut Dragonstone Cut Dragonstone 55 2,329 16,303
Cut Onyx Cut Onyx 90 2,839 19,873

Dragon hide Edit

Dragon hides are used to create ranging armor. There are four types of dragon hide: Green, Blue, Red, and Black dragon hide. Each of these can be tanned and then made into either vambraces, chaps, or a body. Dragon hides are required to be tanned before you are able to craft with them. You can tan your hides by talking to the Tanner in Al Kharid. To craft with dragon hides you need a needle and some thread, which can be bought from the Fairy Shopkeeper at ::shops.

Green D'hide
Item Level Materials XP
Green d'hide vambraces 57 1 Green dragon leather 744 5208
Green d'hide chaps 60 2 Green dragon leather 1488 10416
Green d'hide body 63 3 Green dragon leather 2232 15624
Blue D'hide
Item Level Materials XP
Blue d'hide vambraces 66 1 Blue dragon leather 840 5880
Blue d'hide chaps 68 2 Blue dragon leather 1680 11809
Blue d'hide body 71 3 Blue dragon leather 2520 17640
Red D'hide
Item Level Materials XP
Red d'hide vambraces 73 1 Red dragon leather 936 6552
Red d'hide chaps 75 2 Red dragon leather 1872 13104
Red d'hide body 77 3 Red dragon leather 2808 19656
Black D'hide
Item Level Materials XP
Black d'hide vambraces 79 1 Green dragon leather 1032 7224
Black d'hide chaps 82 2 Green dragon leather 2064 14448
Black d'hide body 84 3 Green dragon leather 3096 21672

Snakeskin Armor WORK IN PROGRESS Edit

Snakeskin armor is a range based armor that is made out of tanned snakeskin, which you can get by tanning normal snakeskin. You can get snakeskin by killing the boss Zulrah which drops multiple raw snakeskin. You need a needle and thread to craft this armor along with 6+ tanned snakeskin.

Item Level Materials XP
Snakeskin boots 45 6 snakeskin ?? ??
Snakeskin vambraces 47 8 snakeskin  ?? ??
Snakeskin bandana 48 5 snakeskin  ?? ??
Snakeskin chaps 51 12 snakeskin  ?? ??
Snakeskin body 53 15 snakeskin  ?? ??