The Donator Rank in Divine-Reality is the lowest of ranks for donators. To become a donator on Divine-Reality, it costs $12.50 USD. Donating to the server helps the server grow, expand, and become the best it can be.

Donator Island

Donator Island can be accessed by typing the command ::di. It teleports you to a cave, which if you run north, you will see bank stalls, an altar, all barrows brothers (except for Dharok), and Aubury (for Runecrafting).


Farther north into the cave, there are green dragons, red dragons, and black dragons to kill.


East of the red and black dragons are 6 abyssal demons, which require 85 slayer to attack.


Along with this donator island, donators get a Green dollar sign next to their username in chat and in clan chat, to show they have donated to Divine-Reality.