Emblem Trader
Emblem Trader
Race Immortal
Location Home
Sells Items? Bounty Hunter
Gender Male
Notable features He sells Bounty Hunter rewards and buy emblems.
Emblem map
It's a Emblem Trader.
 The emblem trader will buy your emblems for Bounty Hunter points and will also sell you Bounty Hunter rewards.

Bounty Hunter Shop, Bounty Hunter Points

Emblem Store

Bounty Hunter Store
Item Number in stock Price bought at
Hunter's Honour 1 4,000,000
Rouge's Revenge 1 5,000,000
Dragon Pickaxe Upgrade Kit 1 2,000,000
Ward Upgrade Kit 1 2,500,000
Tryannical Ring (I) 1 1,800,000
Treasonous Ring (I) 1 1,500,000
Seers Ring (I) 1 1,500,000
Archers Ring (I) 1 1,500,000
Warriors Ring (I) 1 1,500,000
Berserker Ring (I) 1 5,000,000
Ring of Wealth Scroll 1 100,000