Also known as fm

Firemaking is a skill used to light fires, among other things. It is the companion skill of Woodcutting, Another use for Firemaking is the ability to make a fire and cook things like meat and fish on the spot.


A fire burning.


A player lights logs.

Burnt-out fires leave behind a heap of Ashes. Ashes sell mainly because they are a required ingredient to make the Serum 207 potion which many members use to power-train Herblore, but are otherwise completely useless. Although it would be hard to find buyers, players can usually profit from burning cheaper logs and collecting the ashes, but doing so would effectively halt any serious progress toward training the Firemaking skill.

List of Burnable LogsEdit

Image Log type Level Reg Legend
Logs Logs 1 2,800 400
Logs Logs + FireLighter 1 22,050 3,150
Oak logs Oak logs 15 4,200 600
Willow logs Willow logs 30 7,350 1,050
Maple logs Maple logs 45 9,450 1,350
Yew logs Yew logs 60 14,210 2,030
Magic logs Magic logs 75 21,280 3,040