Also known as Fletch

Fletching is a skill which allows the player to create various types of bows and arrows. The products of this skill are primarily used in the combat skill, Ranged. It also provides the primary material for High Alchemy, which is one of the main methods for training the Magic skill. At a higher fletching level, the skill can be trained without losing any coins, although a decent amount of working capital is very useful. Some little money can be generated at higher fletching levels.

Materials Used Edit

Fletchers use the following materials:

General Edit

KnifeKnifeKnives are used to whittle wood into unstrung bows or arrow shafts. You can find one in the Lumbridge castle basement.
Chisel Chisel Used to cut gems the second time into bolt tips.
Normal logsLogsLogs may be obtained from trees via the woodcutting skill.

Making Weapons Edit

Bows Edit

Bow stringBow stringsBowstrings are one of the materials used to make bows. They can be spun from flax.
FlaxFlaxFlax can be picked in Seer's Village and in the Taverley court yard right next to the fountain. It can be spun into a bowstring on a spinning wheel. There is a spinning wheel on the 2nd floor of the house north of the churchyard. Spinning flax gains 15 Crafting experience, and requires level 10 crafting.

Making Projectiles Edit

Arrows Edit

Rune arrowtips
ArrowtipsArrow heads can be bought in a ranging shop or smithed. 15 arrowheads can be made from each bar.
Arrow shaft 5Arrow shaftsArrow shafts can be made by using a knife on a some logs. 15 shafts can be made from each pile of logs.
FeatherFeathersFeathers can be acquired by killing chickens. Chickens drop an average of about five feathers each. Feathers can also be bought in the general store.

Bolts Edit

FeatherFeathersFeathers can be acquired by killing chickens. Chickens drop an average of about five feathers each. Feathers can also be bought in the general store.
Dragon bolt tips 5
Gem bolt tipsGem bolt tips are attached to unfinished bolts (with feathers already attached) to make gem tiped bolts. They can be made by using the gem with a chisel. Every gem in Divine-reality can be used to make gem tipped bolts.
Runite bolts (unf) 5
Unfinished BoltsUnfinished bolts can be smithed from metal bars. Each bar can smith 10 of these.

Darts Edit

Rune dart tip
Dart tipsDart tips can be smithed from metal bars.
FeatherFeathers Feathers can be acquired by killing chickens. Chickens drop an average of about five feathers each. Feathers can also be bought at home in the general store.

Making the items Edit

Weapons Edit

Bows Edit

To fletch bows, a player must use a knife on a log to whittle a short bow or long bow of that wood. Then, bow string must be attached to the unstrung bow. Bows, especially Yew longbows and Magic longbows, are frequently high alched as a means of income.

Oak shortbow20
Oak longbow25
Willow shortbow35
Willow longbow40
Maple shortbow50
Maple longbow55
Yew shortbow65
Yew longbow70
Magic shortbow80
Magic longbow85

Projectiles Edit

Arrows Edit

To fletch arrows, use a knife on logs to create arrow shafts. Each log yields 15 arrow shafts. Add feathers and arrow heads.

The following table shows experience per item made, although 15 items are made at a time.

ArrowLevel Needed
Arrow shafts1
Headless arrows1
Bronze arrows1
Iron arrows15
Steel arrows30
Mithril arrows45
Adamant arrows60
Rune arrows75
Dragon arrows90

Bolts Edit

Bolts are made by using a metal bar at an Anvil. The bolts created are unfinished and still require feathers to be attached.

The following table shows experience per item made, although 10 items are made at a time.

BoltLevel Needed
Bronze bolts9
Iron bolts39
Steel bolts46
Mithril bolts54
Sapphire bolts56
Emerald bolts58
Adamantite bolts61
Ruby bolts63
Diamond bolts
Runite bolts69
Dragonstone bolts71
Onyx bolts73

Darts Edit

You can fletch darts by adding feathers to a smithed dart.

DartLevel Needed
Bronze dart1
Iron dart22
Steel dart37
Mithril dart52
Adamant dart67
Rune dart81
Dragon dart95

Training Edit

Level advancement Edit

LevelsItems to makeNotes
1 - 35 Arrow shafts The best way to pick up fletching is to grab a knife, and an axe and enter any woods. Since a large portion of the map is normal trees, the training area is wide. Arrow shafts stack, so proximity to a bank is no issue.
35 - 40 Half willow shortbows Willow logs can be acquired easily for a reasonable price. Money loss can be minimised by selling the unstrung bows to shops. (Roughly about 450 willow logs will be needed.)
40 - 70Half willow longbows The medium level fletcher will make thousands of willow longbows. As with shortbows, they should not be strung, as cutting and stringing give the same exp but stringing can cost 6 times as much. Instead unfinished bows should be sold to shops. (Around 17k willow logs will be needed.)
70 - 85 Yew longbows Fletching yew longbows is the most popular method to gain fletching experience at this stage. Finally, it becomes cost effective to string the bows. Completed bows can be high alched for 768 coins or sold for less. Above level 70, you can train Fletching for free, as alchemizers who either do not have the levels or do not have the time trade raw materials for finished bows. Occasionally an alchemizer will also offer money as well, making it profitable. (Please note that if you want money, you are better to sell the bows and rebuy the supplies. This is often not cost effective however, as yew logs are difficult to obtain while hundreds of people make 'supps for longs' trades.
85 - 99 Yew or magic longbows Magic logs are more difficult to obtain, but provide greater experience. The margin between items required to both fletch and high alch is better in comparison to yew long bows. Since both yew and magic longbows turn a profit when alched or sold, fletchers may choose to do either or both depending on availability of logs.

Tips Edit

The Fletching Cycle Edit

If you do not like the hassle of buying materials and sell the finished bows everytime, you may want to try trading your finished bows for the materials (logs and bowstrings) in community forums, especially the official Fletching marketplace forum. This means that you only need to purchase materials only for the first batch of bows you make.

Sometimes, you might even receive some money for every bow you trade. Do note that this method works only for higher level bows, especially yew longbows.

This trading method usually gives less profit than if you were to buy and sell separately. Therefore, if you're looking to earn a little cash and do not mind the trouble, sell your bows off at the market price first, then buy fresh materials.

The stringing of the bows is very intensive work and allows little room for other interaction. Any merchanting for materials would need to overlap with the cutting phase of fletching bows. An option is to keep both coins and a noted log in your inventory while fletching unstrung bows, to be able to engage in trades easily. Another good time to merchant for materials is during the high alching of the fletched bows.

Trivia Edit

  • There was once an error with the chat filter that lead to the word 'Fletching' being blocked when typed in chat for an entire day.