Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
High Alch 0 coins
Low Alch 0 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Weight 0  kg
It needs cleaning.
Herb is an item used to make potions through the Herblore skill. Herbs can be received through monster drops, grown with the Farming skill, or bought from other players. When you receive a herb through a monster drop, it will be grimy and must be cleaned. Before you can use a herb in any potions, you must clean the herb by right clicking it. Depending on your Herblore level, you may not be able to clean the herb. If you clean the herb, you are granted experience depending on which herb it was.

Cleaning Herbs Edit

Name Level
Grimy Guam Grimy Guam 1 42 294
Grimy Marrentil Grimy Marrentil 5 56 392
Grimy Tarromin Grimy Tarromin 11 70 490
Grimy Harralander Grimy Harralander 20 84 588
Grimy Ranarr Grimy Ranarr 25 112 784
Grimy Toadflax Grimy Toadflax 30 112 784
Grimy Irit Grimy Irit 40 126 882
Grimy Avantoe Grimy Avantoe 48 140 980
Grimy Kwuarm Grimy Kwuarm 54 154 1,078
Grimy Snapdragon Grimy Snapdragon 59 168 1,176
Grimy Cadantine Grimy Cadantine 65 182 1,274
Grimy Lantadyme Grimy Lantadyme 67 182 1,274
Grimy Dwarf Weed Grimy Dwarf Weed 70 196 1,372
Grimy Torstol Grimy Torstol 75 210 1,470
Grimy Ardrigal Grimy Ardrigal 90 280 N/A