Also known as Mage

Magic is one of the most important skills in Divine-Reality and is one of the three Combat classes. It is used in Combat; it allows crafted items to be enchanted, fast transport around the world via teleports, and create gold from items via High Level Alchemy. Magic is probably the largest source of coins into the game. While it is possible to play the game without being skilled in Magic, it is a considerable advantage to be able to use many spells, especially High Level Alchemy and the teleports.

Ice barrage animation

A mage uses the Ice Barrage spell against a White Knight.


Magic is used almost exclusively through casting Spells on another player, on one's self (reflexively), or on an item.


Earth rune

All spells (with the exception of Home Teleport) require the use of runes as a consumed resource. Runes are stackable, commonly traded items which are obtained by various methods.

Elemental StavesEdit

Template:Main The requirement for certain runes in a spell can be removed if the player wields an Elemental staff corresponding to an elemental rune. As an example, wielding a Fire staff allows a player to cast High Level Alchemy using only one Nature rune.

Spellbooks Edit

There are three divisions of Magic in Divine-Reality - standard (commonly called "modern"), Ancient Magicks, and Lunar Spells. Each has a different Spellbook and typically only one can be used at once (for an exception to this rule, see Spell Book Swap).

To cast a spell, a player must choose the wanted spell from their spellbook. To access the activated spellbook, click on the Spellbook icon in the game's interface.

Standard Spells Edit

File:Spellbook tab.png

This article only covers the standard spells. The standard spells are activated on any new character's account, and they are available on all worlds. There is no prerequisite to using the standard spellbook.

Ancient Magicks Edit

Template:Main The Ancient Magicks contain some of the most dangerous offensive spells.

Lunar spells Edit

Template:Main The Lunar spells are mostly helper spells unrelated to Combat.

Standard Spellbook Description Edit

In the standard spellbook, spells fall into one of several categories: Combat, Curse, Teleportation, Alchemy and Enchantment. All spells yield their associated amount of experience when cast. Combat spells additionally give experience related to the amount of damage caused to the opponent(s).

Teleportation Spells Edit

Teleportation spells are very popular with all players—free-to-players and members alike, as teleportation spells save lots of time when travelling around the world. Note that using a teleport spell is not possible north of level 20 Wilderness, nor in any of the combat-based minigames such as Pest Control

Tele Block iconTele-block851Law rune1Death rune1Chaos rune80Can only be cast on another player in the Wilderness, and if successful, will prevent that player from using teleportation spells for 5 minutes.

Combat Spells Edit

Template:Main All Combat spells result in a spell related amount of experience when cast, but also give experience depending on the amount of damage caused to the opponent. Each damage point caused by a combat spell yields 2 Magic experience points (i.e. hitting a 30 with a spell yields the spell's base XP + 60 Magic XP) and 1.33 Hitpoint experience points. Generally, most combat spells use some Air runes in combination with some other "Combat" runes.

Stronger spells can do greater damage but are less accurate than their weaker spell counterparts. To maximize accuracy, especially in training and player killing, players are advised to equip magic-boosting equipment, unequip magic-lowering equiptment, drink Wizard's mind bomb, and raise Magic levels. 

IconSpellMagic LevelRunes RequiredExperienceMax hitNotes
File:Wind Strike icon.pngWind Strike11Mind rune1Air rune5.52
File:Water Strike icon.pngWater Strike51Mind rune1Water rune1Air rune7.54
File:Earth Strike icon.pngEarth Strike91Mind rune2Earth rune1Air rune9.56
File:Fire Strike icon.pngFire Strike131Mind rune3Fire rune2Air rune11.58
File:Wind Bolt icon.pngWind Bolt171Chaos rune2Air rune13.59
File:Water Bolt icon.pngWater Bolt231Chaos rune2Water rune2Air rune16.510
File:Earth Bolt icon.pngEarth Bolt291Chaos rune3Earth rune2Air rune19.511
File:Fire Bolt icon.pngFire Bolt351Chaos rune4Fire rune3Air rune21.512
File:Crumble Undead icon.pngCrumble Undead391Chaos rune2Earth rune2Air rune24.515Will only work on Zombies, Skeletons, etc. 
File:Wind Blast icon.pngWind Blast411Death rune3Air rune25.513
File:Water Blast icon.pngWater Blast471Death rune3Water rune3Air rune28.514
File:Earth Blast icon.pngEarth Blast531Death rune4Earth rune3Air rune31.515
File:Fire Blast icon.pngFire Blast591Death rune5Fire rune4Air rune34.516
File:Saradomin Strike icon.pngSaradomin Strike602Blood rune2Fire rune4Air rune
+ Saradomin staff
6120 / 30
File:Claws of Guthix icon.pngClaws of Guthix602Blood rune1Fire rune4Air rune
+ Guthix staff 
6120 / 30.
File:Flames of Zamorak icon.pngFlames of Zamorak602Blood rune4Fire rune1Air rune
+ Zamorak staff / Staff of the dead
6120 / 30
File:Wind Wave icon.pngWind Wave621Blood rune5Air rune3617
File:Water Wave icon.pngWater Wave651Blood rune7Water rune5Air rune37.518
File:Earth Wave icon.pngEarth Wave701Blood rune7Earth rune5Air rune4019
File:Fire Wave icon.pngFire Wave751Blood rune7Fire rune5Air rune42.520
Defensive castingEdit

Although each damage point caused by a Combat spell yields 2 Magic experience points and 1.33 Hitpoint experience points when casting regularly, the other option, which is denoted by a shield icon in the interface, represents 'defensive casting'. If you click this button instead of the regular option, you will gain Defence experience whenever you cast combat spells at the cost of receiving a reduced amount of Magic experience. On defensive, you get 1.33 Magic experience points and 1 Defence experience point for every damage point you inflict as well as the usual 1.33 Hitpoint experience points and base Magic experience that is earned for each cast.

Curses Edit

A curse spell is any spell that causes a negative effect to its target other than damage. Curses are an underused part of Magic, mainly because spellcasters have little time to waste in casting damage spells. In long, prolonged fights, using a curse spell or two at the beginning may be a very good idea. Curses also are useful when competing for a monster respawn, as the curse immediately engages the monster. 

IconSpellMagic LevelRunes RequiredExperienceNotes
File:Confuse icon.pngConfuse31Body rune2Earth rune3Water rune13Reduces your opponent's Attack by 5%.
File:Weaken icon.pngWeaken111Body rune2Earth rune3Water rune21Reduces your opponent's Strength by 5%.
File:Curse icon.pngCurse191Body rune3Earth rune2Water rune29Reduces your opponent's Defence by 5%.
File:Bind icon.pngBind202Nature rune3Earth rune3Water rune30Prevents your opponent from moving for 5 seconds.
File:Snare icon.pngSnare503Nature rune4Earth rune4Water rune60Prevents your opponent from moving for 10 seconds.
File:Vulnerability icon.pngVulnerability661Soul rune5Earth rune5Water rune76Reduces your opponent's Defence by 10%.
File:Enfeeble icon.pngEnfeeble731Soul rune8Earth rune8Water rune83Reduces your opponent's Strength by 10%.
File:Entangle icon.pngEntangle794Nature rune5Earth rune5Water rune89Prevents your opponent from moving for 15 seconds.
File:Stun icon.pngStun801Soul rune12Earth rune12Water rune90Reduces your opponent's Attack by 10%.

Alchemy Edit

All Alchemy spells use nature runes to convert some thing into some other thing. Particularly note High Alchemy in this section, as it is probably the most widely used spell in the game. 

IconSpellMagic LevelRunes RequiredExperienceNotes
File:Low level alchemy icon.pngLow Level Alchemy211Nature rune3Fire rune31Converts items into coins.
File:Superheat item icon.pngSuperheat Item431Nature rune4Fire rune53Smelts ores without the need for a furnace.
High Level Alchemy iconHigh Level Alchemy551Nature rune5Fire rune65Converts items into more coins than Low Level Alchemy spell.

Enchantments Edit

Enchant spells all use cosmic runes to make an item magical. For the enchant orb group of spells, you need to travel to the appropriate obelisk and cast the spell on that. Simiarly with the jewellery spells, you must have a piece of jewellery to cast the spell on. 

IconSpellMagic LevelRunes RequiredExperienceNotes
File:Enchant level 1 jewellery icon.pngEnchant Level 1 Jewellery71Cosmic rune1Water rune17.5Enchants sapphire jewellery.
File:Enchant level 2 jewellery icon.pngEnchant Level 2 Jewellery271Cosmic rune3Air rune37Enchants emerald jewellery.
File:Enchant level 3 jewellery icon.pngEnchant Level 3 Jewellery491Cosmic rune5Fire rune59Enchants ruby jewellery.
File:Enchant Level 4 Jewellery icon.pngEnchant Level 4 Jewellery571Cosmic rune10Earth rune67Enchants diamond jewellery.
File:Enchant Level 5 Jewellery icon.pngEnchant Level 5 Jewellery681Cosmic rune15Earth rune15Water rune78Enchants dragonstone jewellery.
File:Enchant Level 6 Jewellery icon.pngEnchant Level 6 Jewellery871Cosmic rune20Fire rune20Earth rune97Enchants onyx jewellery.
Enchanted gold jewellery Edit

Gold jewellery is made with the Crafting skill.

Spell Magic Exp Jewellery class Enchanted Result
Ring Necklace Amulet
Enchant Level 1 Jewellery 7 Sapphire Ring of recoil Games necklace Amulet of magic
Enchant Level 2 Jewellery27Emerald Ring of dueling Amulet of defenceNone
Enchant Level 3 Jewellery49Ruby Ring of forgingAmulet of strengthNone
Enchant Level 4 Jewellery57 Diamond Ring of life Phoenix necklace Amulet of power
Enchant Level 5 Jewellery68 Dragonstone Ring of wealth None Amulet of glory
Enchant Level 6 Jewellery87 Onyx Ring of stone Berserker necklace Amulet of fury

Combat Edit

How to successfully fight as a mage Edit

As a mage, you are weak against Ranged and strong against Melee fighters. When attacking others, you should use a combination of Entangle-like spells (Bind, Snare, Entangle, Ice spells in Ancient Magicks) and highly damaging spells such as Fire Wave, or Iban Blast. Curses tend to be underused, but do not underestimate them. Lunar spells appear to be helper spells for a team of PKers. When fighting monsters, using battle tactics helps, such as hiding behind a rock. Also, most undead creatures and demons are weak to Magic attacks. This will provide an advantage over these creatures. However, you must be careful because certain monsters are weak to certain elemental attacks (air, water, earth, fire).

Magic Staves Edit


Various staves are available in Divine-Reality. In the list below are all the free-to-play staves. The main effect of a staff is to boost Magic Attack and Defence, while the elementary staff provide unlimited amounts of their elementary rune. There are many members staves such as battlestaves, mystic staves, Lunar staff, and Ancient staff. Please vist the Staves' page for a complete description.

Item Attack Defence Strength
Magic staffMagic staff71023110
Staff of airStaff of air710231103
Staff of waterStaff of water710231103
Staff of earthStaff of earth710231105
Staff of fireStaff of fire910231106

Training Magic Edit

In general, Magic is one of those skills that is so useful you often cannot help but train it. Most players reach level 55 and then most of their experience comes from High Alchemy thereafter.

Getting to level 55 Edit

If money is tight, it is recommended that you use the Runecrafting skill to make plenty of mind runes and air runes to train in Magic. Cast Fire Strike or Earth Strike on any monster that cannot reach you, such as the Hobgoblins near the Crafting Guild, the Skeletons in the Varrock Sewers, the Scorpions in the Scorpion pit mine near Al Kharid, or the Lesser Demon at the top of the Wizard's Tower.

For those with far more fire runes than air runes, a Staff of air can prove more useful than a Staff of fire as every damage spell requires air runes to cast. Certain locations such as the prison in Port Sarim and the demon's cage in the Wizards' Tower can prove to be useful when training Magic. As well, there are hidden benefits to players who can use the spell Telekinetic Grab at Magic level 33: items can be taken from the vault beneath the Varrock West Bank, used to collect Wine of Zamorak (highly valued by high level herblorists) and one can retrieve items (such as dropped arrows) which end up out of normal reach.

High Alchemy Edit

High Alchemy is perhaps the single most used spell in the game. It allows you to convert items that you possess into coins. Most players owe their high level of Magic to this spell, at 65 Magic experience per casting, using a fire staff so as to only consume 1 nature rune per spell. Players with high Fletching, Crafting or Smithing can turn the items they make into coins, thereby adding money to the economy or to their own wealth.

With Fletching combined with either Runecrafting (making the nature runes, which requires 44 Runecrafting), Woodcutting (cutting the logs) or Crafting (making bow strings), it is possible to make large amounts of profit by using the High Alchemy spells on the completed bow.

Smithing and Crafting items may also be "alched" for decent amounts, if they are high level items.

Barrows Edit

Our guide to the Barrows covers this in more detail, but the Barrows can be extremely good Magic experience, mainly because you receive large amounts of runes from the chest as a reward. It is profitable to train Magic here, and is good experience at the same time.

Temporary boosts Edit

  • Three Prayers can boost Magic by 5%, 10%, or 15%. This boost does not increase damage nor does it allow you to perform spells above your current level.
  • Magic potion made using the Herblore skill boosts Magic by 4.

Trivia Edit

In early 2001, there were two magic skills, Good Magic and Evil Magic. However, with the introduction of a new magic system, the lower skill was removed, and the higher skill changed to Magic. For example, if the player had level 50 Good Magic and level 40 Evil Magic, he would keep level 50 Magic, and the experience for the Evil Magic was discarded. Because of this, some players were upset that they lost money for training their lower magic skill, and that the experience was thrown away instead of carried over. There were also spells like Shock Bolt, Elemental Bolt, Camouflage, and Fear.

In terms of accuracy, 1 Magic level is equal to 24 Defence; this has been a problem spoken of but was told by Mod Mark.