For Divine-Reality players, Minigames can play a big roll in getting a player the items they may require to access certain things in-game such as Bosses or a way to get better items. This Wiki page is dedicated to informing people about the Minigames that Divine-Reality has to offer and what this Minigame offers in return for the player taking part.

Divine-Reality Minigames

All of the minigames that Divine-Reality has to offer for players are: Free for All (Safe Pk), Duel Arena, Pest Control, Barrows, Tzhaar Fight Caves, Barbarian Assault and Warriors Guild.

What Are These Minigames?

Free for All (Safe Pk): This mini-game is called Free for All and is a mini-game where players are pitted against each other in an arena. This is a safe mini-game where you do not lose items on death. Located outside the arena are an altar to change your spell book, an altar that restores prayer, an altar that restores special attack energy, and a healing station that disperses bandages. Bandages may only be used in the FFA (Free for All) arena. In the arena itself, there are several multi-combat hot spots, as well as single-target spots. Kills in the multi-combat spots count as 2 kills. The goal of the mini-game is to kill players and raise your statistics on the scoreboard. Placements on the scoreboard are determined by a player's K:D ratio. A player's K:D ratio is their amount of kills divided by their amount of deaths. Currently there are no prizes for this mini-game.

Duel Arena:

Pest Control:


Tzhaar Fight Caves:

Barbarian Assault:

Warriors Guild: