Also known as Mine

Mining is a skill that allows players to obtain ores and gems from rocks. With ores, a player can then either smelt bars and make equipment using the Smithing skill or sell them for profit.

How to mine Edit


A player using a Rune pickaxe to mine ores.

To mine, a player will first need a pickaxe. Pickaxes are sold at shops and for iron man at spawn. When a player has obtained a pickaxe, they next need to find a mine. Once a mine has been found, the player can then select a rock in the mine and click on it, making them mine the rocks with their pickaxe. As a player is mining a rock, they will eventually obtain an ore (or gemstone). This ore can either be used in the Smithing skill or it can be sold. Selling ores can give players a good profit.

Mining is a skill largely based on a player's luck, which is random in Divine-reality. Luck affects Mining in this way: the player will mine the rock, but when they hit the rock, it might take eight to twenty hits to obtain an ore. Another player may mine the same rock and get an ore in just one hit. Using a pickaxe of a higher metal will allow players to obtain ores faster.

Pickaxes Edit

Pickaxes, or 'picks', are needed to mine rocks. They can be equipped as a weapon, giving players some more space in their inventory. However, pickaxes cannot be made using the Smithing skill. A player's Mining level determines the type of pickaxe they can mine with. The higher a level needed to use a pickaxe, the better it is than the ones below it. For example, a rune pickaxe will mine rocks faster than an adamant pickaxe.

Mineable items Edit

Ores are obtained from the different types of rocks. These rocks can be found in mines. On the mini-map, mines are labelled with a grey pickaxe. The colour of a rock corresponds to the ore's colour, so a black rock will yield coal ore, a purple rock will yield mithril ore, etc.

When players click on a rock, they will hit it with their pickaxe and try to get the ore out. The higher level rocks, such as mithril and adamant, take longer for players to mine an ore out of them, making the player require patience.

After the ore has been mined, the rock will turn grey for a while. Eventually another ore will respawn and the rock will regain its colour. Players can only mine a rock when ore is available. Ore respawn times differ with the difficulty of the rock.

Different ores Edit

Below is a table of the different ores and the different amounts of exp you can get from each ore.

Picture Ore Mining level Sir Legend/ Iron-man
Tin ore
Tin 1 2,898 414
Copper ore
Copper 1 2,898 414
Iron ore
Iron 15 5,636 805
Coal 30 8.050 1,150
Gold ore
Gold 40 10,465 1,495
Mithril ore
Mithril 55 12,880 1,840
Adamantite ore
Adamantite 70 15,295 2,185
Runite ore
Runite 85 20,125 2,875
Rune essence
Rune essence 1 6,440 920

Tips Edit

Here are some tips to help a player mine.

Power mining Edit

Also known as drop mining, this is where a player fills their inventory with ores, drops them all, and repeats. While this method of mining allows players to raise their Mining level quickly, dropping a whole inventory of ores can take some time. Also, by using this method, a player would be missing out on Smithing experience.

Wielding the pickaxe Edit

Players are recommended to wield their pickaxe. This way, they'll have more inventory space to allow them to carry more ores. To wield picks players must have the appropriate Attack level, as the pickaxe is considered a weapon