Premium Island
Premium island
Kingdom Unknown
Levels Lower
Strongest Monster Corporeal beast
Inhabitants/Race Corporeal beast, Banker, and the Combat Instructor
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This is an island that is accessible only to Premium Donators. This island includes a Combat Instructor whom can teleport the player to any of the 4 wilderness bosses, 2 fishing spots that allow Legend and Ironman Players with the Premium Donator Status to fish Raw Manta Rays and Raw Karambwans, and a Cave Entrance which allows the player to chose from 2 different locations. 1 location is the Premium Donator Mining Are which includes a bank and some very good ores, but the other location is to the boss Corporeal Beast. This boss is fairly hard to kill and requires some skill to kill. Players are rewarded (if lucky) with some very good rewards. These rewards range from skilling supplies such as Runite Ores to Rare drops such as the Spirit Shield (Price 5m), Blessed Spirit Shield (Price 10-20m), Spectral Spirit Shield (Price 150-200m), Arcane Spirit Shield (Price 350-450m), Elysian Spirit Shield (Price 500-600m) and the elusive Divine Spirit Shield (Price 800-1b).


The Island can be reached by using ::prem


  • Corporeal Beast

Personalities Edit

  • Combat Instructor - Teleports to All wildy bosses Free of charge
  • Banker - Used to bank