Venenatis is a large spider that resides east of the Bone Yard. She is able to drain prayer and perform a deadly special attack that can hit up to 50, however she will often use the special attack twice simultaneously which is capable of insta-killing all levels. The best strategy to kill her is ranged and have a person play as a tank and supply them with food/prayer potions. Another viable method is using a full set of Veracs with other melee equipment that is willing to be lost (such as climbing boots and rune gloves) while praying Protect from Magic to reduce damage.


Item Quantity Rarity
Bones 1 Always
Coins 1-30000 Common
Rune Full Helm 1 Common
Rune Platebody 1 Common
Rune Platelegs 1 Common
Rune Kiteshield 1 common
Rune Boots 1 Common
Rune Chainbody 1 Common
Dragon Med Helm 1 Common
Dragon Dagger 1 Clommon
Dragon Spear 1 Common
Dragon Platelegs 1 Uncommon
Dragon Plateskirt 1 Uncommon
Odium Ward 1 Rare
Malediction Ward 1 Rare
Mysterious Emblem 1 Semi_Rare
Resource Bag 1 Semi_Rare
Venenatis Spiderling 1 Very_rare