The Warriors Guild minigame is used to obtain defenders.

Before heading to the Warriors Guild go to ::shops and purchase a rune full helm, rune platebody, and runeplatelegs.

You will also want to go to Barbarian Assault and get yourself a rune defender for 20 Barbarian Assault points.

To get to the Warriors Guild, go to your spell book, click the minigames teleport, click more, then click Warriors Guild.

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Once you are at the Warriors Guild you will want to go into the room with the red star on the mini map.    

Once you are inside the room use your rune armour on a magical Animator.

A level 138 animated rune amour will appear.

Kill the animated rune armour and pick up the Warrior Guild Tokens it drops along with the rune armour. 


After obtaining atleast 100 tokens gear up and go up the stairs in the South West corner.

Enter the room filled with Cyclops while you have your rune defender with you.

Kills those pesky cyclops until you get your Dragon Defender!

The drop rate of Dragon Defender is 1:35.

Defenders Edit


Defender Attack & Defence

level required

Attack Bonus Defence Bonus Other Bonus
White daggerWhite scimitarWhite warhammerMagic-iconRanged-icon White daggerWhite scimitarWhite warhammerMagic-iconRanged-icon Strength-iconPrayer-icon
Rune defender2
Rune 40 +20 +19 +18 -3 -2 +20 +19 +18 -3 -2 +5 0
Dragon defender
Dragon 60 +25 +24 +23 -3 -2 +25 +24 +23 -3 -2 +6 0