Also known as WC
Although there are many players who train Woodcutting purely for experience, using chopped logs for Fletching is the primary focus and use of the skill. Players with a higher Woodcutting level can chop down new types of trees, wield more powerful axes, and cut down trees quicker. Another benefit to high Woodcutting is that

A player chopping down a normal tree. This requires 1 Woodcutting.

with higher levels, players can use better axes to chop trees down. Players with high enough Attack levels can equip the axes that match the respective metals, but you don't need to equip an axe to use it to cut down a tree. It can be in your inventory.

All types of trees can be found in the skilling area. To get to the skilling area, click on the locations teleport in your spellbook, then click skilling area.

Choppable logs
Normal 1 Normal Logs
Oak15Oak logs
Oak tree
Willow30Willow logs
Willow tree
Maple logs-0
Maple tree
Yew60Yew logs
Yew tree
Magic75Magic logs
Osr - magic tree-26135104-1-

Axe types Edit

Axe Picture Woodcutting level Attack level* Smithing level to make
Bronze Bronze axe 1 1 1

Iron Iron axe 1 1 16
Steel Steel axe 6 5 31

Black Black axe 6 10 N/A

Mithril Mithril axe 21 20 51
Adamant Adamant axe 31 30 71

Rune Rune axe 41 40 86

Dragon Dragon axe 61 60 N/A

*The attack level requirement is to wield the axe. One can cut logs with it in their inventory as long as they meet the woodcutting requirement.

Amount of EXP Edit

Here is the table of the amount of EXP you can gain from cutting a single log and the level for each type of account.

Tree Woodcutting level Sir Legend/ Iron man
Normal 1 2,100 300
Oak 15 3,192 456
Willow 30 5,715 816
Maple 45 8.400 1,200
Yew 60 14,700 2,100
Magic 75 21,000 3,000